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 fences wide

Bonnie & Clyde, Shotgun Players

“The design team, including Robert Broadfoot (set), Ashley Rogers (costumes), Micha Stieglitz (projections), Matt Stines (sound) and Jon Tracy (lights) do stunning work here, creating one ravishing stage picture after another.”

Chad Jones, Theatre Dogs


Shrek the Musical, Berkeley Playhouse

“But the standing ovation goes to scenic designer Robert Broadfoot and props designer Megan Lush, whose versatile and imaginative sets and props seamlessly straddle the line between functionality and creativity, making Shrek the Musical a visual adventure.” 

Rosemary Alejandro, The Daily Californian

 Ampersand, Actor’s Theatre Grand Rapids

“The scenic design by Robert Broadfoot deserves a special mention. The transformation from Act One’s plush Swiss hotel suite to Act Two’s suburban living room merited a round of applause from the audience.” 

Lorilee Cracker, MLive

 Ragtime, Hillbarn Repertory

“Robert Broadfoot's simple two-story set appears to effortlessly accommodate 52 actors weaving in and out of the multi-layered yarn as well as its doors and pathways. It's a logistical marvel.” 

Joanne Engelhart, San Jose Mercury News


A Seagull in the Hamptons, Shotgun Players

"Chekov's "comedy in four acts" becomes two, handsomely framed by director Reid Davis on Robert Broadfoot's jutting sandbox of a beach and tasteful living room." 

Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle  


"The Beach emerges as a character unto itself as Maria's entourage wiggles their toes in the vast expanse of what is Robert Broadfoot's enchanting (and versatile) set."

Karen D'Sousa, San Jose Mercury News


‘bot, The Magic Theater

"Robert Broadfoot's set is a high-tech vision of metallic surfaces, circuitry patterns, and laptop and video screens."

Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

 Fences, Lorraine Hansberry Theatre

"Fences is firmly fixed in its time - as reflected in Robert Broadfoot's finely detailed backyard set..."

Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle


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